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Bitdle is a Hybrid Social Digital Assistance Platform. It serves users to interact and transact with one another and to express their needs, wants, values and many more...

Why Bitdle?

Control and manage every aspect of your personal and business lives through Bitdle's fresh new approach to social network. From dynamic local search to integration with smart devices, we've got all corners covered for a truly futuristic networking experience.

Hybrid Virtual Platform with IoE Integration

Promote your brand, boost awareness and keep track of evolving social signals. Generate leads, share multimedia content, build relationships, make use of a truly intelligent search, schedule appointments, shop, book services and find events.

Socio-Local Search

Get the latest information on brands on a meaningful level through local search that puts great emphasis on local businesses, travel destinations and just about anything else. Reach your target audiences at their exact geographic location via our social-local search and geo-targeted advertisements.

Social Shopping

Make buying a social experience! Use Bitdle to spot trends, follow brands, and share great finds. Business can build brand awareness and increase real-time engagement without just relying on algorithms and bring their products to a massive audience.

Sharing economy

Advertise, find, share, buy, and sell, between peers and access prospective clients at new locations. Become part of an organic marketplace and use cross-border solutions that can handle customs, duties, taxes, and more.

Integrated Ads

Intelligent algorithms to display non-intrusive ADs based on user history and behaviour. Use Bitdle to set up highly targeted custom multimedia campaigns for maximum impact.

Cross-platform Power

Maximize reach through being available across all devices and technologies. Be present everywhere and anywhere.

Build a Brighter Future

In our path to becoming a leading global entity, we're set on helping people harness the power of connectivity and collaboration and use it to shape the future and grow. We want to provide opportunities for inclusive growth and are committed to ensuring the promotion of a fair, and environmentally sustainable future for the planet.

Our revenue-generation models are aimed at building better solutions for a better world that can empower everyone and bring great improvements to their lives.

Shape the World for the Better

We have taken up the mission to shape the future of the world and empower people through connectivity, organized global knowledge and collaboration.

We want to create fundamental changes in the way life is played out through using a commerce model that can not only bring development but contribute to the resolution of social issues as well.

Bitdle is not just a business for us but a dream that we've dared to shre. We urge every player, entity, and stakeholder out there to join us to work together in this mission to protect humanity.