Animals are God's gift

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Animals like dog, cat, goat, cow, elephant etc are all god's creation. They have their own work like each and every human is born with their responsibilities - same way, animals also have their responsibilities.

Every creature of god has their responses to do. Humans are responsible to take care of god's creatures and his creativity. There are different kinds of people and different types of animals - all have different way of living, eating etc. They may be carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous. 

You must be thinking that, why am I comparing humans and animals? The reason behind this comparision is, we all are god's creatures, we all has life, We all has feelings but the difference is - humans can show it or speak it out but animals can't - this is the advantage in humans. But what are we doing? Sometimes we behave as an animal, no mercy nothing. We torture animals, we hit them, kill them - in return we receive only love from them. 

Sometimes i feel as, god made a mistake, he would have given us equal rights. He would have blessed animals with all the senses and then humans will learn a lesson, torture will stop and everyone will get equal respect.