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This Personality Type Often Loses Themselves In Fi..

What happens in the brain when readers strongly identify with fictional characters.

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Unsung War Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movies

some war heroes never get their moment in the spotlight -- which is a little messed-up considering, well, the whole "war hero" thing. So let's all just take a few moments and change that, eh?

A Heroic Pilot So Good He Scared an Enemy Flyer In..

Bruce Carr’s previous flight experience got him sent to Spence Airfield in Georgia, for an accelerated pilot training program flying P-40 Warhawk fighters

History and Facts


Muhammad Ali – “I am the greatest!”

"The wolf who lived for the pack"

MS Dhoni - The great cricketer.

My senior in school, Viswanathan Anand

The Land Down Under’s Heroic Female Detective

Organized crime ran unchecked during the 1920s in Sydney, Australia. Unlicensed bars throve, drugs w..

Bhangra: The folk dance form of Punjab

India is well know for its diverse culture and traditions. India is the home land for various folk f..